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Saxon Products Inc. is a custom job shop that specializes in wire & metal fabrication, and vacuum forming of plastics.  

This includes: 

  • Wire forming, 
  • Political sign frames, 
  • Tube bending, 
  • Spot welding, 
  • Wire welding, Small metal stamping, Paint hooks & racking for many industries and all types of fabrication.
  • Plating and powder coating is also available on all wire and metal products.
  • In our vacuum forming of plastics department, we run paint masks, seat bottoms and guards, but can run any type of product. 
  • Here at Saxon Products, we manufacture a wide variety of custom products, and along with 50+years of experience, we have proven to be someone you can trust.        

  • We are located in Toledo, OH.

About Us


Saxon Products was started by Edward Poling in 1967 because of his desire to design and manufacture products. Years later Saxon Products Inc. is still going with the same desire that Mr. Poling showed and encouraged to his employees. With our expertise and experience through the years, we can assist you with any job, from start to finish, or anywhere in between. From prototypes or small quantities, to large production runs.  

We are a small company, so when you are discussing a job with us you will be talking to the person who will have their hands involved in the entire process. No middle man or channels to go through to find exactly what you need. This is how we have done business, and will continue to do so, because quite simply, that is how it should be.​ 

Our Capabilities


Saxon Products wire fabrication department can supply you with custom wire forms in sizes ranging from 1/16" up to 1" in diameter, in all grades of metal. 

We bend, spot weld, wire weld, form, stamp, thread, drill, straighten and cut to size, and everything else that goes along with wire forming.   

In our metal fabrication department, our capabilities are very similar to our wire forming, but we also provide tube bending in sizes up to 2" in diameter with a wide variety of radius. We bend tube with and without mandrels, depending on your specific needs. 

Plating and powder coating is available on all wire & metal products. 

Saxon Products also provides vacuum forming of plastic. It is a very unique process that heats plastic and drops it over a mold and pulls the plastic over the mold, giving you a perfect part every time. We run HIPS, ABS, Lexan, and several other types of plastic. With plastic thicknesses up to .125", and draw depths up to 5 inches, we have a wide range of options we can offer you.  Our vacuum forming department can provide everything from making the molds, to forming and cutting out the parts. In other words, the entire process.​

​Being a job shop, we are here for you, to do anything we can to help you design and manufacture your products. Wire bending, forming and welding, tube bending, small stampings, plastic vacuum forming and the list goes on. From small or prototype runs into the thousands. And as a small company, our prices are very competitive and we take every measure to ensure that our quality is nothing short of exactly what you want. 

Give us a call  (419) 241-6771, 

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or contact us by email at saxonproducts@live.com

we look forward to working with you. 

Tracy Poling - President   

Tony Berezowski - Vice President  

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